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Maptag-ED treatment system settled in Henan Luyi Zhenyuan HospitalMaptag-ED treatment system settled in Henan Luyi Zhenyuan Hospital

Recently, Luyi Zhenyuan Hospital took the lead in introducing the Maputech-ED treatment system produced by 3D Medical Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. After training by engineers, the Moptege-ED treatment system officially began to receive patient treatment, which will provide more efficient, high-quality and safe treatment services for the majority of ED patients!


▲ Luyi Zhenyuan Hospital exterior

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▲Mopte-ED treatment system installation and commissioning was successful

Luyi Zhenyuan Hospital was established in 2003 and is located in the center of Luyi County. It is a large-scale comprehensive joint-stock hospital that integrates prevention, treatment, scientific research and health checkup, which is composed of the main medical technology backbone of Luyi County. It is a designated hospital for new rural cooperatives, urban residents and cadres and workers in Luyi County. It is a designated hospital for the 120 emergency department of Luyi County. It is the medical teaching collaboration hospital and remote consultation center of Zhengda First Affiliated Hospital.

The Maptag-ED treatment system is certified by the national three types of devices and is the first-line therapy recommended by the clinic. The four treatment functions easily solve the problem of functional disorders and premature ejaculation.

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