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Peking University Third Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, leading the introduction of Maipu Taige-PE treatment system!

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common diseases in ejaculation dysfunction. With the development of medicine, the treatment of premature ejaculation has attracted much attention. A number of clinical studies have proved that vacuum negative pressure hydrodynamic massage combined with low-frequency electric pulse, compound Xuanzao capsule, traditional Chinese medicine or local anesthetic can effectively improve PE, so that patients can avoid detours in the process of treatment and treatment, greatly improving PE. The safety and effectiveness of treatment.

In order to provide patients with safer and more effective premature ejaculation treatment services, Peking University Third Hospital, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University are leading the introduction of the Maxtor-PE treatment system of 3D Medical Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. , has now entered the installation training phase.


▲ Peking University Third Hospital

Timg (2).jpg640.webp (1).jpg▲Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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▲The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University


The Maputech-PE treatment system has a milestone in the development of premature ejaculation treatment. It is the first CFDA-certified premature ejaculation treatment device in China. It is the recommended product of the Chinese Medical Association. The professional premature ejaculation treatment equipment is better and safer than the back nerve block and bio-repair!

 Install product introduction

Mapture-PE treatment system

China's first CFDA-certified premature ejaculation treatment equipment

The Maipu Taige-PE treatment system adopts international first-line therapy, which integrates multiple treatments to solve the problem of male premature ejaculation more scientifically and safely.




Six treatment functions

First, SEMANS technology

Through repeated stimulation of the penis - stop stimulation training, reduce penile sensitivity, increase the ejaculation stimulation threshold, strengthen the ability to inhibit ejaculation, and extend the ejaculation latency.

Second, Dragon Ball Impact Technology

Under the action of dynamic waves, adjust the speed and intensity of its movement. Dragon Ball impacts the vibration and rolling friction on the penile ligament and the upper and lower sides of the coronal sulcus on the other side of the penis, stimulating the penile sensory nerve and inducing nerve sensitivity. Degree, increase the ejaculation threshold.

Third, VR technology

Incorporating VR3D stereo sensory stimulation technology, simulating the real sexual intercourse environment, giving patients mental and psychological all-round stimulation treatment training, re-establishing ejaculation conditioning of patients with psychological premature ejaculation, establishing patient confidence, thus curing psychological premature ejaculation.

Fourth, PE temperature control technology

The water cube treatment device can simulate the vaginal temperature, or alternately stimulate the blood vessels to shrink, thereby increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels and the tolerance to stimuli, improving the blood circulation and nutritional status of the body, and causing metabolites and Pain factors, inflammatory mesons, and undesirable components that form atherosclerotic plaques that are easily deposited on the vessel wall and intima are excreted with blood perfusion.

V. Psychological intervention treatment mode

Implementation: Adopt the internationally accepted IIEF test questionnaire to confirm the objective state of the user and give certain positive treatment guidance.

Six, doctors combined treatment mode

Carry it with a self-service PE therapy device to make up for the intermittent difference in hospital treatment.

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