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Male Sexual Dysfunction Diagnostic Apparatus With Doppler

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SW-3603 Male Sexual Dysfunction Diagnostic Apparatus


1.Apparatus Introduction

It merges neurology, psychology, theory of automatic control, ultrasonic technology and computer-automatic digital display technology in one and possesses such detection methods as Doppler ultrasonic blood examination, which can be widely used in male sexual dysfunction detected.


2. Examination Range

The instrument is applied to the clinical diagnosis of psychological sexual dysfunction, vascular and other organic sexual dysfunction.The instrument is used for diagnosis of velocity of blood flow.

3. Function and Principle of Detection

Doppler Ultrasonic Blood Examination

A. Blood flow Doppler ultrasound examination ----- oscillator circuit produces a high-frequency-amplitude ultrasonic signals, amplified by the amplifier circuit, stimulate launchers transducer probe, resulting in continuous ultrasound and be launched to the human blood vessels, organ, when the ultrasonic beam encountered the blood flow movement in organs and blood vessels, they will produce the Doppler effect, reflection signal on the receiver transducer will be accepted by the receiving transducer after receipt of the small-signal circuit amplification, filtering, demodulation can get the frequency offset (and offset); the ratio can be calculated through the velocity and frequency offset between the blood flow velocity.

B.Examination of the arterial blood flow of penis: Doppler shift measurement system transmit ultrasonic towards the artery of human body by special ultrasonic probe,and then the probe can receive echoed signal and the Doppler system make measurement for PFI(penis blood flow index) indexes:it is a way with atraumatic technology to diagnose blood supply condition. Generally speaking, when  PFI< 6, the artery of penis is normal; when PFI> 6,the artery of penis maybe has pathological changes. The closer the obliterative pathological changes approaches penis arteriola,the higher is PFI.


4. Apparatus Features

1) Have two output modes: Doppler frequency shift mode and blood flow rate mode (convertible)

2) Real-time display of amplitude of Doppler frequency shift and blood flow rate.

3) Nominal frequency of probe: 8MHz±10%

4) measuring range of Doppler frequency shift: 0.1KHz~4KHz(corresponding speed approx.0cm/s~50cm/s)inaccuracy ±15%

5) Continuous wave of Doppler

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