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Maptag Semen Collector for sperm bank

Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

Semen collection Sexual psychology Sexual ability improvement

Maptag-Sperm Collector

semen collector

Main configuration


Main Unit 1setVR Glass1setConsumables 10 pcs, Inner fake vagina 3 sets, Inner caps 3 pcs

Normal Work Conditions


1) Temperature: 5-40

2) Relative humidity: ≤80%

3) Service voltage: AC 220V±22V50Hz±1Hz

4) Continuous working time ≥8h

5) Maximum input power: 50VA

6) Instruments should be far away from the strong magnetic field


Technical Parameters


1Massage No.:0-60/Minute,adjustable

2) Reciprocating motion No.:0-125/minute , adjustable;

3) Reciprocating motion journey: 35mm

4Massage frequency: 0-1.5Hz

5Motion frequency: 0-2.5Hz

6The adjustable range of sperm-collecting barrel walls:10-30mm

7Going up and down range: 50mm

8Biocompatible rubber buffering tape

9Cavity with constant temperatures<36 degree

10The illumination of glow is more than 800lux

11) The fine tube can be adjusted up and down according to the height of the human body.

12) 8-inch multi-point capacitive touch screen

13) Support for playing HD video

★ 14) Test results show: penis temperature, penis length, number of twitches, erection time.

15) Omnidirectional audiovisual stimulation


Control method: computer control

Working mode: computer control, touch screen operation, manual operation


Desktop model



Semen collection

Using automatic control technology, massage, twitching and other methods, applied to the human penis, relatively quick and pleasant to obtain sperm specimens, is currently the ideal equipment for sperm extraction.


Sexual psychology

Use the international general psychological questionnaire to understand the various real performances of patients' sexual activities, evaluate the extent and cause of sexual dysfunction, and provide reference for clinical treatment planning.


Sexual ability improvement

Positive pressure massage accelerates arterial vasodilation, increases testosterone secretion, increases cavernous blood volume and white film thickness, improves fiber structure, and restores elasticity.


Analysis of test results

Mainly shows the length of the penis, temperature, erection time, and number of twitches. Data is then derived to provide an overview of the patient.

Instrument characteristics

1. The Maputech-Sperm Collector simulates the vaginal environment and stimulates it visually, audibly and tactilely, making the patient very excited and at the same time feeling very comfortable, with fast speed and high success rate.

2. The full touch screen guides the operation interface, the picture is clear, the sound is beautiful, and it is easier for the patient to accept.

3. All-round isolation measures to effectively eliminate cross-infection.

4. Omnidirectional visual and auditory stimulation is more conducive to the collection of semen.

Operation Interface


Touch screen operation



This instrument is used for the collection of semen specimens, rehabilitation and treatment of non-organic male sexual dysfunction.


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