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Semen Collector And Sperm Analyzer

Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 working days after payment

Supply capacity : 20 sets per week

SW-3704 Sperm Quality Analyzer


1.Working principle

1). Microscope camera: formed by microscope and CCD, the effect is to enlarge the detected sample signal by microscope and then turn the signal into television signal with CCD, then send to the image acquisition card of computer and process.

2). Images capture: the image acquisition can capture, identify, preprocess, store the signal sent by CCD and further more send the mature signal to computer for processing.

3).Computer process: the analysis software will handle and process the preprocessing signal after being captured. Then the handled parameter will be displayed on the screen and printed by printer. 

2.Basic requirements for the running environment of sperm analysis software

a) Microsoft windows operating system

b) Pentium class PC, 120MB RAM or above

c) 40 GB free hard disk space

d) CD-ROM drive

e) medicine-used pseudo color video capture card

f) Color ink-jet printer

g) 24 bit (true color), 1024*768 resolution

3 Software features

1) Images real-time display: display clear and real-time images, facilitate for teaching, observation and consultation of several people.

2)Dynamic adjustment for images: it can adjust the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of dynamic images.

3) Images save and copy: the captured images can be saved to other place or copy to other software for using.

4) Several print modes.

5) Can be used for checking historical cases and statistics: with easy operation, you can get the patients’ information.

6) The printer paper size can be adjusted.

7) General storage report: you can save all the information, when you use the next time, you can only need load them.

8) Can print report: we can printer pictures with characters with high quality.

4.Meaning of sperm moving track

1) Straight-line speed VSL:Calculate the speed according to the straight-line distance from starting point to the end of track, the larger of linear speed, the faster sperm motility, the effect is more significant.

2) VSL

The same to the above

3) VAP

Calculate the speed according to the trend curve, the path velocity is greater, the more significant the effect of sperm motility.

4) ALH

The swing extent about sperm moving along the trend curve, reflect the sperm activity from another aspect.

5) MAD

The swing angle of the sperm movement along the trend curve

6) LIN

It is equal with VSL/VCL, the LIN value is higher, the invalid path of sperm will be less, and the straight line activity will be stronger.

7) STR

STR is equal with VSL/VAP

8) WOB

It is equal with VAP/VCL

9) BCF

It refers to the swing frequency of sperm’s tail.

5.Delivery detail

1).The products can be shipped by air or sea for you;

2).The products are supplied with standard export package;

3).No matter what delivery way, all depends on your actual requirements.


6.Our advantage

1).Top Quality:Strict quality control system is supplied before shipment;

2).Excellent Service:Clients are treated as friend and quick response within 24 hours will be supplied;

3).OEM Accepted: Your logo can be added on the products;

4).Competitive Price:We always ensure high price performance to benefit our customers;
5).Timely Delivery:Normally the order shall be delivered 3-5 working day after payment.


7.Our Service

1).Per all your inquires about our products, you will be replied in detail within 24 hours;

2).Our professional team have professional attitude to recommend and supply the products and services with good quality and competitive price;

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