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Urological Prostate Therapy Workstation

Brand : Sanwe

Product origin : Xuzhou,China

Delivery time : 3-5 days after payment

Supply capacity : 10 sets per week

Bio-hyperthermia, Activate prostate glands Targeted drug delivery to reach gland directly High-frequency vibration reach gland deeply IF massage, appease prostate glands

SW-3902 Urological Prostate Therapy Workstation

SW-3902 Prostate Therapy System.jpg


The new Prostate Treatment Apparatus is supplied with the thinnest rectal probe (25% smaller than the existing smallest probe) for targeted drug delivery. Combined with the latest magnetic patented technology, it can dredge and repair the prostate gland directly. The whole course of treatment is non-invasive, painless, safe and comfortable. It is the most effective clinical treatment equipment for benign prostatic diseases!

Bio-hyperthermia, Activate prostate glands

Use bio-thermal effects, through the warm probe, to activate the water molecules in the body

To make the tissue cells at the highest resonance level, activate the gland


Targeted drug delivery to reach gland directly

Bionic design of the very fine probe fit body structure perfectly

The drug will be sent to the prostate gland and reach lesions directly


High-frequency vibration reach gland deeply

High-frequency vibration stimulate sympathetic, accelerate blood circulation, dredge the duct

Promote drugs deep into the glands, eliminate inflammatory substances

IF massage, appease prostate glands

Median massage comfort, so that drug ions evenly infiltration, and further eliminate inflammation

Meanwhile induce the body's endorphin secretion, analgesia and bring pleasure


Four simple steps to give you a pleasant treatment experience

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