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[Sanwe manufacturing] MapTag male series products settled in Feixi County People's Hospital, the strength is reaffirmed!

[Sanwe manufacturing] MapTag male series products settled in Feixi County People's Hospital, the strength is reaffirmed!

Recently, Maipu Taige men's series products:

Maptag-ED treatment system,

Maptag- male function tester,

Maptag - male physiological multi-parameter tester

Feixi County People's Hospital successfully installed

Feixi County People's Hospital Exterior

Feixi County Hospital is a second-class general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, prevention, rehabilitation and first aid. Founded in 1951, it is the designated hospital for medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical care in the county.

Since 2012, the hospital has accelerated the pace of discipline construction and personnel training, and the comprehensive service capacity and level have been rapidly improved, providing a strong guarantee for the diagnosis and treatment of medical treatment.

Feixi County Hospital is the first county-level hospital in the province with an automated drug delivery system. It is equipped with imported automatic intelligent medicine dispensing machine, fast packet feeder and intelligent access cabinet. It is one of the few county-level hospitals in the province with a 100-level laminar flow purification operating room. It has established a centralized disinfection supply center for the integrated management of operating rooms and supply rooms, and 12 high-standard operating rooms for heart surgery and organ transplantation. Aseptic surgery such as joint replacement, open fracture reduction, internal eye surgery, and thyroidectomy provides protection. The Emergency First Aid and Critical Care Medicine Center was established, and the first-aid ability in the front yard of the hospital reached the municipal level.

In 2014, it was awarded the title of “civilized unit” in Feixi County, “Ping An Hospital” in Feixi County, and “Hefei Garden Unit”. In 2015, it successfully passed the evaluation of “Dimethyl” and “Baby Baby Hospital”, and won the title of “Civilized Unit” in the 9th Feixi County in July. In 2017, it was awarded the title of “Fenxi County Garden Unit”.

Maptag-ED treatment system installed successfully

At the same time, there is also the Maptag-Male function tester, the Maptag-Male physiological multi-parameter tester.

MapTag brand introduction

MAPTAG is a urinary male brand launched by Sanwe Medical. It is a high-end brand image, which can not only make up for the market vacancies, improve the category layout, but also enhance the competitiveness of urinary male products and realize resource coordination. Strategic initiatives with corporate goals.

In 2012, Sanwe Medical and the United States MapTag company strong alliance, relying on the international leading scientific and technological advantages of the American Maptag International Group and the influence of Sanwe medical treatment in the field of urology in China, the two sides are committed to the advanced urology department The wide range of therapeutic technologies and products are used worldwide, and the high-end products of the Maptag series are jointly launched and registered in the United States in 2013.

The company adheres to the tenet of “stable operation, continuous innovation, cooperation and win-win”, adhering to the corporate culture of “blood, sweat, tears, hope”, establishing a sound modern enterprise management, marketing and market service system, insisting on winning by science and technology. Based on serving the health of the people, the cornerstone focuses on technology research and development and innovation in the field of reproductive health, continuously improving the product technology level, leading the development direction of the industry, and realizing the beautiful vision of becoming the leading enterprise of Chinese urology and male equipment in three years.

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