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Urology Solution (MACS) Academic Tour——Jiangsu

Urology Solution (MACS) Academic Tour——Jiangsu

The meeting invited Deng Chunhua, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association's male science branch, and the deputy director of the Chinese Medical Association's male science branch, Shang Xuejun, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Gu Min, Wang Zengjun, Professor Song Ninghong, Xuzhou Central Hospital Professor Han Conghui, and Xuzhou Medical College Professor Chen Renfu from the hospital, Professor Sun Xiangzhou from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, and other well-known professors and scholars from across the province participated.

The meeting mainly focused on the research and discussion of the basic issues of male development. Among them, male reproductive health education, male sexual dysfunction, male infertility, prostate disease, delayed hypogonadism, male sexually transmitted diseases, related epidemiological investigations, reproductive system malformationssexual injuries, tumors, etc. are the focus of this meeting. Explore the content.


Through academic exchanges between experts, we have reached a certain consensus on the basic development of male subjects, and at the same time, we exchanged and studied in various specific fields, improved business skills, and jointly promoted the development of male careers, laying a theoretical foundation for the development of males in the later period. The 3D company participated in the conference with the Maxtorg Urology Men's Total Solution (MACS). In addition to the provision of basic equipment and departmental operation planning, MACS is also an important part of the training related to the growth and development of male talents.

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